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Good Friday Prayer Walk

“As we approach Easter, the most holy time for Christians,

we are called to renew our commitment to embody

the presence of Christ in our communities.”

––Dr Deidre Palmer, UCA President

Palm Sunday Peace March

Dear Friends,

I would like to encourage you to consider taking part in St. Andrew’s Good Friday Prayer Walk for a more justice, hospitable and sustainable Australia. You may be uncertain about what this prayer walk will be like: What will it include? And what does walking for justice have to do with Good Friday?

Hope & Vision for the Prayer Walk

In short, the best responses to these and other questions will be discovered through our participation on the day. But since this Prayer Walk is a first for St. Andrew’s, perhaps I can attempt to share my hope and vision.

As a church called to be a place of hospitality, acceptance and care, we are privileged to hear many stories that reveal disparity, injustice and the need for reform in our society. On Good Friday, we remember the cost embodying a prophetic, loving presence in the world had for Jesus. We stand as faithful disciples before the cross, willing to take in the suffering of Christ in our day, to hear and stay with the truth of the stories we hear and, through prayer, we will express our desire for a different future. 

Walk Itinerary

We will begin at the front of the church and walk to Centrelink where we will pray for economic recovery that is focused on the common good. We will walk to the Backpackers and pray for paths of permanent settlement for refugees and migrants. We will walk to the foreshore and pray for new ways of being that are good for the environment. Finally, we will return to the church for a blessing and those who wish are invited to stay for hot cross buns and conversation.

Please RSVP

It would be helpful for me to know of your intention to come when I print the prayer booklets and for catering purposes. Please respond via email by Thursday 1 April if that is what is easiest for you.



Lent Day 32

This is a beloved poem by Wendell Berry that comes to mind for me often, especially in Lent––this season of dying and rising. The poem seems fitting after last evening’s community meeting when we witnessed what has been growing in the dark and planted more seeds in hope and trust for the future. You might make some time today to contemplate the seeds and growth of your life.



Lent Day 31

The renewing of creation which is God’s continual work in our world does not come about without the pangs of birth – in us and around us. May Catherine’s words and the prayer that follows encourage us as we participate in this work however we are called to do so.