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Worship Resources for 27 September 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope you are staying warm during these days of wild and unpredictable weather.

This week we conclude our journey with the Exodus narrative.

Some will miss the wilderness setting that has been a centrepiece for community over these weeks.

I think the succulents may be pleased to see the light of day again, though!

(Thank you to Paul McGrath for the photo!)

Those who wish are welcome to gather at 9:45 am for 10:00 am start on Sunday 27 September. Please keep in mind that the Bay to Birdwood will be happening so some road closures will apply. 

The Home Worship Guide for this Sunday is available here and the Reflection is available here.

Peace to you,


Worship Resources for 20 September 2020

Dear Friends,

This weekend we move towards the spring equinox – the actual spring equinox, that is, not our wishful 1st September declaration of spring! On 21 September, we will experience approximately an equal amount of daylight and darkness.  

I thought you might appreciate a little Leunig to go along with the change happening in the air:

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend filled with all of the above, especially teapots.

Worship resources for this weekend are here for the Guide and here for the Reflection.

In peace,


Worship Resources for 13 September 2020

Dear Friends,

This week, as we move further along in our journey towards freedom, the Exodus story takes us into the desert. The wilderness is a traditional place for deepening wisdom and prayer as well as sacred encounter and transformation. You might recall your experiences in the wilderness and bring these memories to your prayer.

Flowing out of the story of receiving manna in the wilderness, those who are able to gather for worship tomorrow will be invited to share in communion. I look forward to celebrating Eucharist together and all are welcome.

Finally, I neglected to attach the UCG newsletter last weekend. Some of you may have collected one on Sunday morning. I’ve attached it for you today and hope it helps to keep you in touch with what is happening at St. Andrew’s during the week.

Worship resources for tomorrow 13 September are the Guide and Reflection on Exodus 16:2–15.

Peace to you,


Worship Resources for 6 September 2020

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope this email finds you well and perhaps aching from time in the garden, exercise outdoors, or cleaning the BBQ in preparation for Father’s Day. Tomorrow is promised to be a lovely day however we choose to enjoy it.

I’ve attached the worship resources and reflection for this week. We continue to explore the journey towards freedom with the Exodus story. This week the theme is thresholds – the movement from one place to another, literally and metaphorically. The Iona Community wrote a new song for the global threshold the pandemic has cast for us. You might want to listen to it here: 

Peace to you,