Take some time to stop for a while,

rest your body, rest your mind.

Take some time for Sabbath peace

letting go with ease.

––Trish Watts

We gather for worship at 10 am every Sunday morning. It is our hope we can find the quiet centre and remember the things that truly matter.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunday worship is held in the church hall which is accessed through the green gate located on Jetty Road between the St Andrew’s and the chemist OR via the carpark at the back of the church.

You might describe worship at St. Andrews as participatory since we typically sing, listen deeply to scripture, reflect on our lives, and offer prayers for ourselves and the world.

We also enjoy times of silence…

Sometimes we are invited to express our prayers with a simple symbolic gesture such as lighting a candle, running our fingers through water, or placing a rock. This can be a meaningful way to worship beyond thoughts and words.

Often poetry and art are woven into worship to help us hear the Spirit speaking in creative and wondrous ways.

Communion is served on the second Sunday of the month. All are welcome to receive the bread and cup that sustain us in our Christian journey.

Open Church

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘Open Church’ program on weekdays is suspended till further notice.

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Past copies of our Order of Service can be found here
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