Minister of the Word

Geoff Hurst

Born and raised in Adelaide, Geoff has been engaged in ministry since he was 16 years old. He has had official roles in over 30 congregations throughout his life.

Since his ordination in December 1989 he has worked in rural, remote, and suburban settings across 2 Synods and also worked as a Patrol Minister in Frontier Services. He comes to St Andrews keen to connect with the congregation and the wider community.

He has a wife, Jenny and 3 adult children, Samuel, Todd and Melody and 3 grandchildren.

Geoff’s interests include fixing, using and breaking computers, electric bikes, and musical instruments as well as sound engineering in a range of settings. Geoff has also provided a wide range of internet services to churches over the past 30 years and continues to support over 400 organisations this way as part of his Christian stewardship.

He is constantly reading and coming up with new and impractical ideas.

He is always up for a good conversation and hot chocolate.