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Lent Day 29

I have continued to contemplate the woman with the alabaster jar from yesterday’s Gospel reading. (The worship guide is attached for those who wish to use it for prayer.) She was both Minister and Prophet, presiding over Jesus and proclaiming Christ crucified. May she lead the way for us.



Holy Week Schedule

Maundy Thursday

Experience the passion and drama of Jesus’ final days and be fed with Word and Sacrament that sustain us. Expressions of interest to Church Office appreciated for set-up purposes.

Good Friday

Beginning at the church, we will walk to four locations (e.g., foreshore, Centrelink office) for a brief reflection and prayer. The inspiration for these prayers comes from the UCA’s “Build Back Better” document as a vision of what it is to follow Jesus, the suffering servant, in our day. Approximately one hour.

Easter Dawn

With joy, the Bay area churches will gather together to bear witness to Christ’s resurrection. Bring a chair if you wish and gather on the foreshore for a 6:30 am start. Sign in will be required.

Easter Morning

Celebrate Christ’s resurrection together in the church. Arrive from 9:45 am for a 10:00 am start. Sign in will be required.

Lent Day 27

A wise, beautiful page from Charlie Mackesy’s book The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. As life and this season guide us into wild, unknown places within and without, may we be filled with courage, grace and love.



Lent Day 23

In the Season of Lent, the Gospel shines a light on the need for change in our lives.

After worship, the Lenten group explored the role and gift of confession in the Christian life –something beyond saying a route prayer or tossing out an “I’m sorry.” In the Christian faith, it leads to a deepening knowledge of God’s love and forgiveness.

Our reading from Michael Casey’s book Fully Human, Fully Divine ended with this quote:

In Peace,