Prayer to Balance Nature and Flow

Hello all,

I thought I might risk a little “self-promotion” here.

This Thursday (13 August) from 7:00-8:30 pm, I will offer a presentation at the Effective Living Centre’s Seminary of the Third Age (Christ Church, Wayville). The whole month of August is dedicated to the focus of prayer. At Thursday’s session, we will delve into prayer as balance and flow.

I intend to speak about what prayerfulness in life might look like. Drawing on my experience as a Benedictine Oblate, we explore how seeking a work-prayer balance and entering the flow of Spirit throughout the day can shape us into being prayerful people. In other words, moving from saying prayers or even going to worship once-a-week to abiding in God everywhere and always.

If I’ve raised your curiosity, you can use this link to learn more or make a booking.