Home Worship 14 June 2020

Dear Friends,

St. Francis of Assisi once said: “The result of prayer is life. Prayer irrigates the earth and heart.” What a lovely image that encourages me to continue finding space in my days to attend to the garden of my heart.

That said, the frigid nights of the last week make it hard to get out and water the pot plants or put seed in the birdfeeder. It’s much easier to stay inside where it’s warm and comfortable. I suppose the same can be true with our prayer practices! Often the intention to “irrigate the heart” necessarily requires interruption and inconvenience. In some ways, this is the gift and grace of prayer – a reminder of who the Source of Life really is. 

So, may we continue to pause in the midst of our work and routines. May the silent stillness bring comfort, renewal and peace to our living.

The Home Worship Guide for this Sunday is available here and the Reflection in Solitude is available here.

Peace to you,