Praying with and for Creation

Whenever the church gathers around the communion table, our prayers remind us that creation is always singing praise to God. We enjoin ourselves to this continuous song of thanksgiving in our communion meal.

God named creation good from the first and gave us the joyful responsibility to care for creation.

May these prayers help us get in touch with our Creator and creation when we forget or are distracted by “our problems” (Denise Levertov) or when we simply want to spend time enjoying the earth and her creatures.

May they help us reconnect with the Source of Life and inspire us to find ways to care for our little plot of ground, however we can.

Above all, may we find space to listen to the voice of the Sacred One deep down and all around, and discover again we are part of all that is.

A sample of the prayers is below. Please click on the button below to download a pdf brochure to print.