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Mask Wearing

Dear all,

A concern for what is perceived to be a relaxing of COVID safe practices in the wider community and at St. Andrew’s was raised by several volunteers.

Many volunteers are at St. Andrew’s two or three times each week, some of whom bring a long history of medical and other relevant experience to their volunteer work. We spent time considering how we might strengthen again some of these COVID safe practices, most of which only apply to the ministry during the week (i.e. Community Support, Emergency Relief and Op Shop activities) rather than what happens on Sunday morning.

One of the decisions taken is to make mask wearing highly recommended unless one is eating or drinking

Even though this is not a requirement of the government or the Uniting Church at this point, medical advice continues to support mask wearing as a significant way to protect oneself and the community.

Masks will continue to be available at St. Andrew’s for those who need them.

Please wear a mask and help us keep each other safe. Thank you.