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Worship Guide for Sunday 23 January 2022

Dear Friends,

I hope you have been able to stay well over these weeks. I am aware of a few members of the St. Andrew’s community who have contracted COVID (and/or their family members). May their recovery be speedy. 

Attached is a worship resource using the lectionary reading for this Sunday for those who find it helpful.

Even though over these years we’ve learned to be church and worship in our “scatteredness,” there is something valuable about being “gathered.” It is much like exercise for me. I know how to work out and have access to several types of routines for aerobic exercise, weight training, and stretching. But I greatly appreciate exercising with others. The community and encouragement I experience at my 6:00 am boxing fitness class is invaluable.

For this reason, it has been difficult for me to accept not gathering for worship during these weeks. But as ministry colleagues and community members become ill with COVID, I realise it is the wise decision. 

Our food support service opened this week. We did not offer soup or coffee/tea but distributed fresh food and non-perishables only through the hall door into the courtyard. This enabled guests to remain outside and kept the exposure time more limited. Orange Sky returned today (thanks Nicky and co.!) and the orange van was a welcome sight. We will continue with this type of service through next week at least and the Board will consider when it is safe to resume our regular program.

The latest advice from SA Health is available here.