Newsletter Issue 2 of 2022

Hello all,

Thirty-nine were present for the St. Andrew’s gathering last night––another great mixture of people from across the community.

(L-R) Rev. Chelsea Size, Rev. Christine Gilbert, Ben Williams

Guest speaker Chelsea’s offering focused on curiosity and self-awareness. She drew our attention to the cultural expectations we might carry and encouraged us to become curious about them and aware of how they are at play in us as individuals and in our communities. Using the image of composting, Chelsea gave examples from her life of times she became aware of stories that inhibit love and community and how she let go of them and allowed them to be composted into useful fertiliser for the future.

A more complete report of the input from the community will be available in the future. 

A reminder that the clocks will “fall back” on Sunday morning as daylight savings time ends this weekend. 

Attached is a soft copy of the newsletter. Printed copies are available at St. Andrew’s.



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