Advent Week 4: 19-24 December 2021

Week 4 Devotional

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Thursday 23 December

Wednesday 22 December

A poem from St. John of the Cross who knew suffering intimately. The poetic language of the mystics can sound unusual to our ears, but they speak out of a lived experience of God that may be welcome in our day.

Tuesday 21 December

Today is summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. In the week we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Light of the World, we experience the longest day of the year. Priest and author Edward Hays says about this day:

We are children of the sun, the daystar that makes all life possible, as we travel in the icy darkness of frozen space. It is only fitting that we celebrate this turning point of our planet.

riest and author Edward Hays

Below is a prayer by Hays for this day…

Monday 20 December

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