What is Spirituality? Part 2

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we continued our exploration of the question: What is spirituality?

We are hearing from different voices from within the Christian tradition as well as listening into our own lives. While the word will always remain somewhat intangible, my hope is that each of us is getting a sense of how we might practice our spirituality with intention, and that doing so brings us life and enlarges our capacity to love.

Attached is the order of service and reflection from yesterday, Sunday 7 February. It includes the guided contemplation using an element from nature we used yesterday as part of worship. 

Michael Casey says, “Beyond our mundane experience lies another world. When the door opens and we pass into it, the meaning of our life changes, and we experience everything against a different horizon.” Reflections like the one included in the prayer guide are one way we open the door to the world beyond the mundane. 

In peace,