What is spirituality? Part 1

Dear Friends,

Yesterday (Sunday 31 January, 2021) we began a three-week exploration of the question: What is spirituality? A quote by Maggie Ross spoke about the vocation of silence – silence not as a personal indulgence, but a subversive act within our noisy, consumeristic culture whose demands are soul destroying for ourselves and our fragile ecology.

 I wondered today if it might be helpful to consider ways we can weave silence into our days. Beyond the obvious and overt observation of silence through meditation and prayer, perhaps you might like to try some of the suggestions below:

1Meditation Carve out a few minutes when we intentionally let go of thoughts and encounter the Original Silence within (World Community for Christian Meditation is a great resource).
Do one thing at a time with full presence.
3Set an electronics curfewTry putting to bed computers, phones, TVs etc. at least 30-minutes before bedtime.
4Refrain from mindless mediaAttend to the moment and connect with our surroundings rather than checking news feeds, scrolling through social media, looking at emails.
5Tame the tongueThink before we speak; ask: Does what I am about to say honour the silence it breaks and add to the love in the world?
6Make a sanctuary for silenceFind a spot in the garden, a nook in the house or a beloved bench in a park for quiet space.
7Bookend our day with silenceMake a conscious choice to start and end each day with a moment of reverence and gratitude.

Let me know how you get on and if you have other practices that you find helpful.