Season of Lent: Week 1

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we gathered for the first time around our Lenten worship scene. I’ve attached the worship guide for those of you who were unable to be there in person. I’ve edited this version to remove the music etc. and include Avril’s offering for the prayers of the people.

After worship, eight of us gathered for a cuppa’ and conversation around our experiences of life and the morning’s Gospel. A few questions arose including:

  • How is prayer efficacious? How does it matter?
  • We reflected on the prayer customs of different traditions and wondered what we might learn from one another.
  • What does it mean to believe? 
  • What is the role/gift of unbelief in faith?

I’m sure our list will grow in the weeks to come as will hopefully the spirit within our community.

For now, I leave you with this blessing from Teresa of Avila:

In Peace,