Worship Resources for 18 October 2020

Dear Friends,

As we continue to make our way through Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi, we turn our attention to the self-emptying nature of Christ. In speaking about what it might mean to be a self-emptying church in a lecture given at Trinity College in Melbourne entitled “Running on Empty: Contemplation and Ecclesial Possibility,” Sarah Bachelard says this:

I believe that to be adequate to the depth of the world’s need, truly bearers of Christ’s reconciling love, calls for an expansion of the church’s imagination and our compassion. To live into this possibility means being willing to let ourselves go, to fall empty-handed into the hands of the living God so as to receive our life back as gift and renewed call. Dare we accept this invitation? Will we follow Jesus through the deep waters of chaos and death, being uncreated to be recreated, broken to be given as blessing for all? 

You might want to read the whole accessible and inspiring lecture here.

Those gathering for worship on Sunday will have the opportunity to receive communion, a beautiful, sacramental expression of our unity in Christ. Perhaps if you have yet to return to gathered worship, Sunday’s communion celebration may be a good reason to get out of bed!

The Home Worship Guide for this Sunday is available here and the Reflection in Solitude is available here.