Home Worship 7 June 2020

Dear Friends,

The nights have turned long and cold this week as we move toward winter solstice – the longest night of the year. I’ve noticed a weariness and fatigue falling on me earlier as the sun sets even before our evening meal. I am so grateful I have a home for shelter and a warm bed! 

This week’s reading is the litany of creation from Genesis. I’ve provided photographs for the different stanzas of the litany for imago divinaImago divina, like its better known counterpart practice lectio divina, is a sacred listening but, instead of words, we listen deeply to an image. The chosen photographs attempt to be more than illustrations for the words or colour and shape on what would otherwise be a black and white page. As with lectio divina, we are invited to sit prayerfully with what is before us, asking God to speak to us through what is there.

So, after reading the passage slowly, you might spend time with all the images or choose one to focus on for your listening. Alternatively (or also), you might want to extend your sacred listening with a contemplative walk in nature with the words “It is good” from Genesis resounding within you. 

This week’s Reflections in Solitude come from one of the sisters at the Benedictine Abbey in Jamberoo NSW. In keeping with the theme of creation, Sr Magdalen offers a beautiful reflection on the falling of a fig tree near the retreat cottages during a recent storm. 

I found Magdalen’s words challenging, reassuring, and illuminating. Though they were written for Ascension Day, I feel they fit especially well with this week’s Genesis reading and I commend this video to you. You are encouraged to watch it where indicated in the worship guide or whenever you wish:

The Home Worship Guide for this Sunday is available here.

Peace to you all,