Home Worship 31 May 2020

Dear Friends,

This Sunday the Uniting Church observes both Pentecost Day and Reconciliation Sunday. I have woven both themes into this week’s worship resources. Often in the church’s experience, Pentecost is a day filled with the noise and rush of wind, fire, and voices speaking in a variety of languages. Of course, that won’t be the experience for most of us this year. But rather than sensing a lacking, I wonder what the Spirit might be saying to us through the quietness and stillness this time affords us?

It occurs to me, in fact, that Reconciliation requires silence and deep listening more than anything.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to an Irish artist who wrote and sings a song entitled “Dadirri.” Some of you may be familiar with this word from the First Peoples in Nauiyu (Daly River, Norther Territory). Dadirri can be translated deep listening, but it is so much more. Elder Miriam-Rose is a well-known educator around this word and way of being. 

You may be interested in hearing this beautiful song: 

© 2017 Luka Bloom (IMRO/MCPS Ireland)

and/or learning more about Miriam-Rose and Dadirri: 

as part of your worship and nurture this week. 

The Home Worship Guide for this Sunday is available here and the Reflection in Solitude is available here.

Peace be with you,