Home Worship 17 May 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds you happy and healthy. 

In the Christian calendar, we are slowly making our way through the Season of Easter towards the Day of Pentecost. This Thursday we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus followed by one more Sunday in Easter. How have you experienced new life in these weeks?  

As I continue to email worship resources to you, I encourage you to consider how they might be most helpful to you in your Sabbath practice. Again, this is not meant to be homework! Something to get through. If something moves you, feel free to stay with it. If you want to save something for later, return to something in the week, or add more silence, by all means do so.

May these weeks continue to bring gifts we are able to notice and savour.

The Home Worship Guide for this Sunday is available here and the Reflection in Solitude is available here.

In peace,