A Gardener’s Wisdom

Dear Friends,

Awake in the wee hours of the morning – either from too much caffeine or the stressful sense that life is starting to shift again – I spent time with Sr Mechtilde from the Benedictine Abby in Jamberoo where I am an oblate. The Abbey has created a few videos in which in leu of being able to offer retreats, some of the sisters share a message for this time. The most recent one is from Mechtilde, the gardener at the Abbey who grew up on a farm in Northern NSW. I think they are all worth viewing, but today I would like to share Mechtilde’s and offer a couple of questions for consideration – an impromptu mid-week reflection.

As she shyly offers her insights, Mechtilde makes potting mix using stuff gleaned from around the beautiful Abbey – dry matter, green matter and fertiliser. If we listen deeply, we can hear in her gestures and instructions principles for life. 

You can watch the YouTube video below:

Some questions that come to my mind and on which I’ve been reflecting:

  • What has become “dry matter” in my life in these months? In other words, stuff that once had purpose of which I wish to let go?
  • Even as we are beginning to emerge from our solitude, what might it look like for me to enter the dark season of winter? (shedding, moulting, resting from the “supply and demand”)
  • What seeds are being planted by God in the potting soil composted from the stuff within and around me?

I wish you well in your continued journey.