Arts Ministry Event

Thursday 21st September,  at 7pm.
To mark the International Day of Peace Arts by the Sea is holding a light supper  with
small-group discussion and critical analysis of 1988 war film ‘Grave of the Fireflies’.
This English-language foreign film about the struggle of two children orphaned in an air raid will be new to most Australians as it derives from a 1967 semi-autobiographical novel by a civilian Japanese WWII survivor.

Unlike many war films it does not seek to glorify or condemn any side but simply portrays the harsh realities of life for the most powerless ordinary folk and honestly depicts how desperate wartime circumstances can sometimes overtake basic human decencies. This film carries challenging themes that will resonate even today as we are confronted daily with news about the Syrian refugee crisis, the ever-present threat of global terrorism and the escalating military tensions between North Korea and America.

To register interest please contact or speak directly to event hosts Cat Opie and Adeline Yu. We also welcome volunteers to assist with catering, either by preparing savoury platters of finger food beforehand or helping to serve hot drinks on the night.